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Hello, fellow dreamer! Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

In short: I’m Caitlin, an Ivy league-trained and globally-renowned life coach and entrepreneur. Using my background in psychology, business, and mind-body wellness, I help action-oriented go-getters who are burned-out or stuck to design and stick to lives of greater peace, purpose, and prosperity.

I have spent the last twelve years traveling the globe seeking the answer to 1 question: what are the keys to harnessing lasting happiness? After years working in social enterprises in Europe and Latin America, I knew that my commitment to serving others would be deepened through a Masters in Social Work. I enrolled at Columbia University, where I began practicing various forms of psychotherapy, the findings of which were published in renowned academic journals.

Several years later, led by a strong desire to expand my impact, I accepted a fellowship offer to move to India to start a health education business. Leading my company’s rapid expansion to millions of users and a global presence required a strong commitment to my own well-being, which I nourished through a deep study with masters of yoga, meditation, ayurveda, and reiki.

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After half a decade of combining these practices with my experience in psychology and personal development, I achieved remarkable results. I successfully launched and scaled 2 more business, as well as 2 community-based organizations. I becoming a deep sea diver, a latin dance performer, and permaculture practitioner. I travelled the world. I worked through past relationship patterns and built a beautiful home with the love of my life. I rid myself of a paralyzing anxiety condition, and I overcame and let go of the trauma of sexual assault.

Reflecting on my own growth and learnings, I knew that the path to sustainable happiness is best paved through a skillful combination of Western psychology and Eastern philosophies. Having studied and worked intimately with both of these cultures, I felt that I was uniquely positioned to marry the best ideas, systems, and tools that I discovered within them.

I moved back to New York and launched my holistic coaching practice, where I help clients navigate their greatest challenges through a loving, balanced, and integrative approach. We use a wide variety of concrete and well-research tools such as meditations, exercises, journaling prompts, time management strategies, accountability systems, elimination diets, decision-making frameworks, and many more — all personalized to the needs of the individual. These tools drive powerful and lasting results both personally and professionally, and radically improve each and every client’s daily happiness.

Need proof? Check out my testimonials. Or head over to my coaching and therapy pages to learn more.

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